Favourite Shaving Soaps

My favourite shaving soaps are definitely the three French shaving soaps from Provence Santé, Pré de Provence, and êShave...

Fellow French brand Institut Karité and the Italian shaving croaps from TFS and Mondial are close behind.


What are yours?
MWF ... always has been and moreso now with the current and very excellent formulation which is closer to the really good posh British names.

Beyond that, I have a most definite thing for British triple-milled from the posh houses.

... and vintage unobtainium like Rolls Razor, Coty, Potter & Moore.
The soaps I use the most are tallow MWF and Arko Stick. I think the tallow MWF gets the most use due to Fat February. The Arko stick is largely my go to choice for when I don't have much interest in shaving as a hobby, but need to get it done.

I've got some other soaps I think produce great lathers but I don't use as much, these include Tabac, Stirling, and Signature Soaps.

I will give the latter some time for Artisan April, as I sometimes overlook these kind of soaps.
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