Electric cars

Does anyone remember the remote control toy cars that you had to follow around the room because they were attached to you via a wire and a huge controller with four U2 batteries, remember the whining sound? A Toyota came past me today and it produced that same sound, a high pitched whine mixed with some damn awful gearbox whirring. Don't ask me the model, it wasn't a Prius, that is all I know.

We are going to miss the sound of a well silenced petrol V8, at least I am.
Not too far from LHR
Even worse are electric motorbikes. Apart from being soulless, you can't hear them and let's face it nobody seems to be able to see bikes even when they do make noise. No doubt it'll be all there is soon enough though. There's an annoyingly noisy little 125 round my way and an even more annoying quad 'bike', they do my nut in even as a motorcyclist myself, but at least I'm not going to be run over by them!

Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
I actually fancied one of these
The Electric Mustang,
when it first come out it was one of the fastest electric cars on the road.
but changed my mind and went with the
Audi Q7 again
I've been using the company electric cars (as I work for the local authority, they have a small fleet available to use).

They are quite fun to drive but are pretty quiet. I think they need a sound emitter when driving in certain locations (i.e. car parks). I was following behind some people walking and they couldn't hear me at all and the horn would have been inappropriate to use
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