Drippy disasters.

So we've all seen the review of how well razors shave. But which are best for that alternative use - blood-letting! Without further ado, here's the razors responsible for Bill's Biggest Bleeds!
At #5, the Parker SR1 shavette. I've shaved a lot with a straight razor, but I cannot get the hang of this. Every time I try, little nicks and cuts. Not just tiny weepers, either.
And for #4 the Zazor. I really liked the idea of this. And it shaves really well. Very nice and close. Just that about once a week I get a good big, drippy, slash. I'd practice more, but I haven't arranged an overdraft at the blood bank.
#3 my Dovo straight razor. (Hmm. Needs a polish.) I've had this since new and get good to great shaves. But the secret for a really good gash? Get in really close to the mirror to get that last little bit right under the nose - and bang the blade guard into the mirror. On the plus side, you've now got an excuse to stuff a wodge of tissue under your nose and look like a walrus.
And at #2, the Ever Ready 1912, on an odd handle. Shaves beautifully. Really like it. So when I carefully placed it down on the sponge on the bathroom windowsill and it bounced to fall towards the sink, I understandably didn't want it damaged by the fall. So I caught it. Thumb first to the blade. Deepest shaving related injury ever. But the razor was fine, so that's all right.
The winner, at #1? THe Razolution FourEdge. This is an idiosyncratic two blade razor. The technique is ... unique. But it gives very nice 1-pass shaves. I do find that 2 blades in it don't quite last twice as long as one blade in, say, a Gillette Tech. So what happened? Well, the blades had finished. So I was unscrewing the head. With two blades in it. So when it slipped and I gripped it with my first two fingers and the thumb, well, six cuts all at once! Very efficient! Would not recommend.
There you go. Anyone else? And I'm sorry R41 fans. It just didn't make the cut.
I recall in horrific slow-motion watching a Feather Artist Club razor slide so gracefully along my jawline before beaching itself into the side of my chin. It was one of those that just didn't bleed straight away but flooded when it did!

I chuckled at your straight razor mishap as I did exactly the same, but some super-human level prioperception jolted my head back before the razor could bite. That really was chuffing close!
Just the other evening i was enjoying a very nice DE shave with a "safe" razor and blade combo, when, for reasons unknown, I tried to adjust the angle on my chin under my lower lip and i think i turned my head a little sideways ... Which left a lovely 1cm horizontal cut with blood leaking out.

Nope, No .... I really don't know what posessed me.
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