Active Coming soon - Tatara titanium pass around with Masamune and Nodachi parts included

I'm running a pass around over on the other forum (ATG) and wanted to let you guys join once the ATG tour is finished. Or if you have dual passports hop over to the other forum and jump the queue.

João from Tatara is generously offering us the chance to test their new titanium line. There will be the opportunity to try out both Masamune and Nodachi parts to get a feel for the differences.


This will include Masamune SB and OC, Nodachi SB and OC heads so you can mix and match. And their new shaving towel!

They are identical to the SS originals in terms of geometry (see below).

Standard small print as per usual pass arounds.

Please read and agree to the following rules and remarks before joining the list.

I’m going to restrict the pass around to members who have been around for a while and have good amount of posts. My discretion will be applied, so don’t apply with your first post!
Send the tracking number to the recipient and to me.
The razor is your responsibility from the moment you receive it until the next person receives it. You break it or lose it - you buy it.
Please use Special Delivery in the UK, I will open up the pass around to members in Europe afterwards. If Royal Mail loses it, they’ll pay for it, but only if you have insured it!
Two weeks is plenty of time to test the razor and all the plates/caps. If you know you are going to be unable to use the razor, ask to be moved down the list.
Most importantly let everyone know what you think about the razor. This is a requirement of the pass around. It doesn’t need to be a long detailed report of every SOTD but Tatara want to know what you thought of the razor.
Disinfect the razor with barbicide before shipping out to the next lucky person.
Enjoy the pass around. Yes, that’s one of the rules.

João will be checking in and answering any questions about their razors, titanium or otherwise.

Quick reminder about the differences between the various options

Combine parts of your Masamune razor.png



The list is not limited in numbers, Tatara would love to give the opportunity to everyone who wants to try it

Just reply to this post and I will start compiling the TSR list

Enjoy the pass around guys.


I am rather looking forward to this one as I don't quite understand titanium for a razor, but I am very open to being swayed.

More importantly I rate the Nodachi very highly and waiting to be able to afford the black version.

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