Citrus UK Soaps

During this recent heat wave in Europe I pondered the fact that there really aren't any UK soap vendors making citrus scented shaving soaps nowadays (that I know of). OSP didn't follow through on the Gen. 2 batch of Grapefruit & Menthol which was a letdown to me. I see Boycie using American Stirling Orange Chill which is a killer soap & scent IMO. (y) I don't think P&B has ever made a citrus soap either. Maybe the hot spell will kickstart someone(?). :unsure:
I have a Signature Soap that I came into somehow, can't recall how. Anyway, I like OSP and P&B better as usually I prefer tallow. I even remember when Wickham's had tallow!! :unsure:

As a note, I had an old tube of Ingram cream years ago and I loved the menthol, but as a good so.

Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
Simpsons Lime is really good!
i’m in two minds about it actually,
well yes it’s ok but i would personally like the scent to be a bit stronger.
i have the Bay Rum & Sandlewood also and again a bit light on scent but nice nonetheless.
i actually have the 3 of them here in Norway with me.
i was going to use one tomorrow but shanged my mind for a Fitjar Island
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