Cant for the life of me get rid of these razor bumps, please help

NW England
Sorry, I haven't read all the replies in this thread and I haven't had what seems to be such a persistent problem, but here are my suggestions for what they are worth, based on occasional similar issues:
1. Stop shaving with any disposable double or more bladed razors...they are effectively giving you two or more passes, the second with less cushion than the first as the first blade will remove most of the shaving cream. IMHO the Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor provides the best shave in terms of low aggression but closeness and cleanness of cut (Opinions will differ but I don't think there's another razor out there with such generally high ratings in this regard especially for younger shavers, save perhaps the Merkur 34).
The other thing about disposables and the like is they are simply too light at the head...they make you feel you have to apply too much pressure. A proper DE razor head should simply stroke down/across the face because of its weight alone...virtually no pressure needed. I often use a small or light weight handle on my razors to keep them top heavy for this purpose.
2. A single pass does not mean removing all the shaving soap from your face means your blade goes over the area once. A lot of people keep scraping away when they have no soap there to cushion the's amazing how many of us do this...a reason to avoid a razor blade that is far too mild (Something middling like Nacet, Voskhod, Personna, would be best, but avoid blades like Derby maybe?). However, even with the sharpest of blades, like Feather, the EJDE89 makes an exceptional partner, which is why it's so highly recommended for new and veteran shavers alike.
3. Don't keep thinking you need to have a complete BBS face as a sign of a few one-pass shaves for a while.
4. After shaving, clean excess soap residue of with warm water, but then soak your face in a cold cloth (as cold as you can stand) to close your pores. With your face still wet, either rub an alum block over your face and neck or splash with witch hazel. Leave this for a few minutes and then rinse it off...again with cold don't want to re-open the pores.
5. Dry your face but NOT WITH ANY TYPE OF MICROFIBRE TOWEL! These are more suited to buffing cars or cleaning floors and dishes than your face.
5. Once dry, use a product like Tend Skin (dab it on with cotton wool)...bloody brilliant stuff for in-grown hairs...looks like you may be suffering from those...but Tend Skin is good for many razor-bump type issues.
6. I would also recommend avoiding post-shave balms as these are really more about re-hydrating and soothing, but in doing so can be less beneficial as they soak into the pores and can aggravate blockages...alcohol-based AS splash is probably better as it will disinfect and close the pores. Maybe better to avoid any such products though while using Tend Skin.
7. I'd also avoid the spray cans and check the ingredients on any shaving soaps/creams you have had similar experience with...there may be a single common factor that you're allergic to. Mass produced stuff - and that includes Proraso of course - are more likely to use iffy ingredients. Also the same brand may have variants that affect you...for example, Proraso Green is one of my favourites, but I do get more of an itchy reaction from their sensitive and shea butter's often the things actually added for a smoother experience that are more greasy and cause blocked pores!

Anyway...that's my suggestions and maybe something helps...opinions will differ as everyone has different experiences...I'm sure there's much good advice elsewhere in this thread and in TSR more widely, so good luck(y)
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My shaving experience changed completely after understanding my "face mapping", and shaving properly with the grain, which does not mean "down" for me in the neck, but horizontally, from the center to the left and to the right.
Once 95+% of the hair is gone in the first pass, with the grain, only then I can do a pass across the grain and one, very very very light against the grain, without insisting for a BBS.
In my experience all other factors to avoid irritation and bumps are much less important. Of course, using R41 is not a good idea (for myself is never a good idea).
Looking at good videos on UTube helped me a lot, as I don't know anyone wet shaving and my grandad is long gone (sadly).
I've only skim read some of the responses so forgive me if I'm repeating what's already been said...medicated or dedicated creams and powders for ingrowns and razor bumps are all very well but all you're doing is trying to resolve a problem you're creating.

Shaving the neck is tricky because you may have course hair growing in all directions on very thin soft skin. I know I can't shave anything but WTG initially without the danger of an outbreak so I rarely bother. As outlined above beard mapping is crucial and then learning to shave in all directions under the jaw line without applying undue pressure is almost another skill in itself.

I'll leave kit recommendations to others but in principle never shave an area that isn't protected by lather (make it thicker for more protcetion if you need to) and ideally always shave WTG for the first pass at least. Product will help but it's not the cure, technique is everything.
I used to have those all the time and the only way I was able to get them out was after I’ve switched to the straight razor shaving. I will never go back to the disposable razor again.
With my bumps, it was just a change of blade from Astra to Nacet, used in a Merkur Slant, and only shaving with the grain. Now, no bumps (or grazes behind the ears - the nacet doesn't stick out of the ends of the razor head as far as the Astras do).
I'm a big fan of witch hazel so I can imagine how good that could be, Sudocrem is quite effective too if used sparingly.

So am I, but I keep reading where many dermatologists say to use in controlled moderation and not for extended periods lest one develop an allergy to the tannins therein. :unsure:
Hi new poster here. For the past year or so i have been stuck in a cycle with razor bumps. I seem to shave then it gets itchy after a few days so i have to shave again over the area to relieve the itchiness (which i doubt is helping). At the minute im just using gilette disposable razors with 2 blades but i feel like i have tried everything. I use aloe vera and post shave balm after every shave and use shaving gel and warm water prior to shaves. I seem to take all the steps required to prevent razor bumps and now i feel like they're getting worse.

Im just not sure what else i can do now, how can i get rid of them? Do i need to try and hold off shaving for a couple of weeks to try and get rid of them but each time i try to do that i feel like my neck is getting more red from the itchiness.

Thanks in advance
I used to have the same problem and the only solution to it was switching to straight razor shaving. I’ve tried different shaving creams, double and quadro blade disposable razors and problem was still there. If you want to learn the straight razor shaving you will never get back to disposable razors and I guarantee that your problem will be gone in no time. Just give it a try.
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