Buying from Europe? Beware...

Southern Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the club. In Canada we are subject to paying duties and taxes on imported goods, which must be paid before the goods are released. Quite often, usually on lower value goods, Canada Customs does not levy these charges; my record is that I experience this about 50% of the time. If the goods are shipped via post, Canada Post levies a service charge for collecting the duties and taxes, about Can$9, but if one of the courier services is used the service charge is usually much higher, because of this I prefer to use vendors that will ship through the post office. In consequence, before I make a foreign purchase I factor in to my decision the duties (if any), fees and taxes that are exigible on the purchase. Some vendors in the USA that I purchase from (eg Lands' End and LL Bean) collect duties and taxes at source and ship via courier with free shipping for purchases over a certain value and bill in Can$; this way the purchase is as seamless as purchasing from a domestic vendor.
Castlerea , Ireland
Would I be charged extra fees for goods brought from Gurnsey?

Yes Paul

Guernsey entered into a customs Union with Jersey , the UK and Isle of Man, but that only covers excise duty , so there would still be a vat liability as they enter the UK.

Going to the EU in most cases there won't be a charge as they reached an agreement.
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