Brush of the day.

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Cue Jesse from 'The Fast Show' ...

This week, I will mostly be enjoying the synthetic in the horn handle at the front of this picture:


All those handles were purchased from Gan Village Green on eBay some years ago and fitted with various knots. The horn handle gained a synthetic knot, which I lifted from this wooden handle from Haryali.


Since the knot came out of that handle without any damage to either, I popped a cheapo boar knot in and have enjoyed that as such since.

The synthetic knot is post-PurTech and has a very intuitive feel to it with no adaption necessary to prevent sling. Just use it as you would, say, a badger knot. It also has a nice little scritch to it, something that many modern vogue synethtics have entirely omitted.
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