bodyshop shaving cream

hey so anyone else like the bodyshop shaving cream?

i got it the other day and used it in my last head shave and im pleasantly surprised,
its actually really nice, nice scent, not too strong and overally really liked it tbh


I just used it this evening. I forget about it as it's normally at the back of the soap stash, but I'm always happy with the lather and slickness. It's got a very marmite following. But I like it.
Yep. It's top notch for the price. I live near a outlet store which sells it for £7 a tub so it's a no brainer. Slick and I also seem to get less post shave irratation on my neck after using it.

I've read a lot about it's scent, like others have mentioned, being a bit marmite. I've found the smell so light I hardly notice it and soon gets covered up with whatever post shave products you use.
A top performer that doesn’t get a lot of love or attention. Regardless of the divisive scent it performs so well that I’ll always have some in my rotation and I’ve consistently had great shaves with it.
I’ve only ever used the original formula and I’m on my last tube now.
I’d be interested to know if anyone has used both current and original versions and if they noticed any significant differences between them.
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