Blade Storage?

Hi guys, wondering how you all store your blades? I used to put them in draws and then forget how I had them and buy more. I got this box off of eBay, I have currently over a thousand blades in it, but it could hold about 1,500. Now I won't forget where my blades are.


Now I'm thinking of getting another one and filling that. It gives me an excuse to buy more blades.

Not too far from LHR
I know what you mean about the smell. I love the smell of tobacco when it's not on fire. Used to smoke rollies rather than cigars, and fancied a pipe cos pipe tobacco smells the best, but didn't think I could pull off the look! Then I packed it in.

I also think cakes are best enjoyed before they're cooked - lick the spoon with the mixture and forget cooking it. And After Eight sleeves and boxes smell posher than the actual chocolate tastes when you eat it. I'm a contrary bugger. Or just odd maybe

I reckon 1500 blades would see me out - although the maths is somewhat complicated by my straight razors. DE doesn't get used every day.
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