Birth Year Razors - sought & available

Hello all.

How would I go about finding what razors were released in 1970, let alone choose one?

Just one or two really a Super Adjustable with a N year code and a Slim twist. what month were you born?

I'm looking for an O3 if anybody who has one is reading this...haven't been looking that hard but I don't think I've ever seen a O code razor.
Hiya doin Tony,

Is that O3 razor for your son? What a sweet man you are! Pretty sure the O date isn't all that uncommon.....lemme see what's in my arsenal.


Now, now Marty don't you be getting jealous now, just because you can't get a date code razor prior to 1951.
Guys, I'm after a few suggestions. It's my birthday tomorrow so naturally I thought of this thread.

I'd like something adjustable, will need to be 1978. I'm new to DE shaving so I'm not overly familiar with the vintage market. I don't want to spend a fortune, I like the idea of a Merkur Progress but unsure of availability etc from 1978. Any suggestions?
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From B&B user "cooncatbob"

Merkur developed from the family enterprise "Hermes" which had the trademark of the greek mythological figure of the god's messenger with the winged helmet. It was founded in the first half of the 20th century. Merkur was mainly a producer of straigth razors and razor blades (like hundreds of companies that produced blade with the Gillette license.). They started producing classical DEs like Modell Nr. 34 (which you call the HD) since the 1920's and did further developing on the design of the safety razor, resulting in the Merkur Futur (1985) or the Merkur Vision (1998).

I hope that I could give you some insight in the development of Merkur. I could not find any other good sources about it even in German.

London, United Kingdom
I got my Birth Year razor, but maybe I paid over the top for it?

I got this on fleaBay:

It is a Gillette Super Adjustable 109 with a Plastic Base and Diamond Knurl date code D-2

From my understanding D-2 is 2nd Quarter (April to June) of 1983.

I probably paid over the top for this but it was the only one I could find so it's hard to value

But it was around the £50 mark with postage from the USA and import taxes.

If anyone knows the real value I'de be interested to know.


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