Best creams for sensitive skin

Hi all, I have been using TOB sensitive cream with great results on my sensitive skin, only problem is its out of stock in all suppliers in Ireland. What would anyone recommend as an alternative? I can get my hands on Proraso blue Aloe/Vit E, I used the Proaso sensitive soap before and wasn't a fan of it at all which makes me hesitant about the blue. Any recommendations welcome.
I have no end of trouble with Creams and reacting to them , especially the very Shiny ones made by Creightons for most of the London Shops , However one I have never had an issue with is the Humble Proraso.
I was going to ask if he was sure he has sensitive skin I reacted to TOBS Jermyn street for sensitive skin not bad but bit of a stinging, same thing with trumpers lime cream but not the violet...prorasso cream in the tube is excellent never tried the soap !
I find the Proraso sensitive skin pre shave followed by the Proraso white cream good for my sensitive skin.. I have noticed however that my skin appears to be less sensitive since switching to a DE razor ( Muhle R106) from the Cartridge.
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