Back to my youth - Fat to fit

West London
It's been an emotionally tough week with the realisation that I can't repair the damage I've done to my body in the last 3ish years in 2-3 months.

So I have a new plan.....

I've tried using the old "No pain, no gain" approach and pushed through the pain in my right hip. It hasn't worked and there is no improvement. I have researched the symtoms and have adopted a daily strengthening routine.

While browsing many videos on "old man fitness" I found a training method (not just for oldies) promoted by Dr Phil Maffetone, The MAF method (Maximum Aerobic Function) which is training at a low heart rate to maximise aerobic function (who'd have thought? :) ) This fits in nicely to my new plan, which is to train until the point of pain and then back off.
Yesterday on the treadmill, I found that a walking speed of 3.5kmh gets me to my MAF heart rate. Over the next few weeks/months I hope to see the hip pain go and the speed I can train at, while maintaining my MAF HR, increase. The benefit of training slower is a much shorter recovery time which means I can now train every day.

I'm now averaging over 6300 steps/day and enjoying the benefits.

Time to get my shoes on and go for a walk.


I would be wary of most of the training plans you find online. I'm not familiar with this particular one, but once you have a good base layer of fitness it will do no harm to occasionally raise your heart rate using intervals or HIT. But always bear in mind it's a long term project and listen to your body.


Hit a massive target this morning and finally in to my 'Happy zone' on the BMI scale. I know the whole BMI thing isn't the be all and end all of fitness, but as a measuring stick it did give me something to target.

Probably lost around 2 inches plus on my waistline and definitely losing my belly which is something I did want.

I refuse to buy new trousers though so extra notches on my belts will have to do. As it is I just have contend with the fact my jeans spend half their life revealing my builders bum. I'm not even a bloody builder
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