Astra Green - Is it just me?

Don't discount pre shave prep as a possible reason for a poor / rough shave. Something I was reminded of myself recently.
If you're only using a pre-shave cream to prepare it probably isn’t enough, especially with a tougher beard.
Preparing your face well with either a shower or hot towel before hand definitely softens up the beard far better than a pre-shave alone IMHO.
I had a rough experience last week because I hadn’t showered prior to shaving which was a rare occurrence for me.
I used Proraso Green pre-shave but it did nothing to soften the stubble properly so when I shaved the blade felt as if it was tearing at the hair as opposed to cutting through it.

Another suggestion is regarding the Proraso pre-shave. There are occasions when this cream actually dries out my skin and also affects the soap I’m applying on top.
Its like it dries out the lather making it less slick and can cause unwanted drag on the blade. I do like the menthol in it however but I use it less frequently than before. It might be worth trying a pre-shave oil to see how it compares ?
Of course we’re all individual and my experience might simply be due to my own skin type. YMMV.
i have to say i have become a big convert to pre washing my face and neck with a bar of plain gentle soap and hot water a couple of times immediately before shaving - it seems to do far more than showering or any pre-shave product ever has for me.

I would also say that i have had terrible shaves where i get nicked just because i haven't done enough prep
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As far as keeping plastic out of the landfills, good luck, there is more now than ever before, even the electric cars have gobs of good ol' petroleum derived plastics and other materials made using petrochemicals.
I had a first these past few days: an Astra SP rusted like a SOB while installed in RR GC .68 after the 2nd shave!! :oops: But, in all fairness the humidity has been off the charts. Tossed the blade & cleaned the rust off the RR GC .68.
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Mike Smart

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3 Years ago i didn’t get on with the Astra’s at all but now i love them
mind you i am an awkward bugger
However i don’t like very mush by Derby although the Usta’s are kind of ok.
It might take me 5 years to use the 4 blades i have left but i’ll get there
Not all blades work for all razors and all faces. I find the Astra Stainless useable, but the Platinum (along with most other platinum blades manufactured by Gillette Ste Petersburg) for me is distinctly meh
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