bought yesterday the stick in a Turkish shop (0.75 EUR)... smells like cheap washing powder, but I tried a dry run (so no shaving afterwards) and I was impressed how fast it lathers, starting from almost invisible amount of soap on my face. I'll keep it mostly for travels (if and when they'll ever resume)
By the way, the Arko moisturizing creams (hands) are amazing and super cheap...
well, tried the ARKO stick this morning, on a 3 days beard.
Smeared it on my face and then lathered up with a synthetic brush (Yaqui).
It cannot said that it has a scent. It has a smell, of lemon washing liquid (but not too strong).
However the protection and "glideness" was really great and the result (ASTRA blue + ATT S1) spectacular.
I like the fact that it's a cheap piece of soap, no fancy perfume, no fancy label. Really old fashioned way of shaving, prior to our present frills...
I found a stick of Arko (I had received with a pack of Astra Blades) lying around and thought I would give it a go today. The scent is best described as weird but not too unpleasant. I cut the stick up with a pocket knife and pressed it into an old TOBS container. I found that it lathered very well and did the job but not sure I would be buying it. As an aside an having read previous comments, the pocket knife I used to cut it up had a very stained blade which has now cleaned up beautifully, also weird and a bit scary
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Midlothian, Scotland
Well I reckon I’ll very likely buy a twelve pack when pension day arrives. I actually feel the scent to be quite refreshing in a simple, honest way and not offensive although I understand why people might. I also find the performance and way it leaves my skin, equal to or better than that of soaps costing many times more than our humble, Turkish friend. As always it’s horses for courses and this horse likes shaving his long face with ARKO. Over and out.
I like Arko. I find it lathers so easily, guys stop adding water when the lather looks good. Arko will hold a lot of water before it becomes runny. If you find it dries out your face, try adding more water when building your lather.

Arko takes a lot of water. I suspect complaints about it being "drying" are because people aren't adding enough water.

One of my favourite soaps. Smells good. Performs really well. Cheap as chips. What's not to like?

If you hold a puck up close to your ear you can hear the Arko guy laughing at more expensive, more pretentious soaps.
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