Anyone here into cigars?

I know its maybe more of an american forum thing but during Lockdown I have become quite a collector.

Possibly not the most sensible thing during the pandemic but there you are :). I have always enjoyed a cigar and love a drop of Whisky and they go hand in hand.

So far the 'Tuppedor' consists of quite a few cubans (of various varieties) but I have found I like new world cigars more.

So, who likes ciagrs and has been infected with this 'bug'?
british west hartlepool
I went through a phase with cigars, just have the odd one every now and again nowadays.
Had some nice Cubans, I liked ramon allones. I found the new world ones are better value though and they're the ones I go for if I buy one now. Oliva series V and padron are my favourites.
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