Acquisitions - January 2022

Not too far from LHR
Yes there seems to be an optimum size, beyond which it becomes just a handful. My 26mm Phantom Aerolite is right on the edge of being too big and soft, but some days, like yesterday and today, I really enjoy it. Obviously knot size needs to be balanced with loft, not all large knots need be too soft, but if I ever buy anything bigger than 26 it'll be out of curiosity or because the handle is the coolest thing I've ever seen.


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New Yaqi 30mm Barbour pole and 26mm rainbow brush arrived……make my original Edwin Jagger brush look lost in comparison…..the rainbow is a terrific brush whereas the 30mm is a bit gimmicky for everyday use
I have a 30mm Barber pole... It gets the occasional use when I know I'm using a particularly lather bursting cream or soap. One swipe over each cheek (on my face.... Come on guys :rolleyes: ) and it's pretty much ready to go.... But it's true it's Normally just an ornament.
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