A few questions rolled into one post.

Firstly, what does "Broke in" mean on a strop or even the linen part ?, next, Russian Strops made in USA ...namely Rubin Strop Works New York...are they horse ?, lastly, these vintage strops do not have a handle or D ring attached, what is the correct way to hold em....just gripping them in my mind would scrunch up the bottom of the leather over maybe 50 years...so I think im missing something here, and last but not least I see many different numbers on strops...like 287...or 3378, are these model numbers or line numbers ?...TIA.
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I believe Kanayama has got some info on how to break in the linen part of a strop and as for no handle strops Kanayama is a prime example but I am not sure why this style is called barber handle.
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