2 Straight Razors by Billyji1


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Sunny Sunderland
Up for sale are 2 Refurbished Vintage straight razors by Billyji1 (from T'Bay).
I bought these as i wanted to know and get the feel for different professionally honed edges and Billy's were recommended even though he charges a little over the top.
The 1st Razor i bought from him was the 5/8 Peter Ludwig Schmidt "Golden Dispatch" it was just over £70 delivered, it has a nice edge on it and is a smooth shaver.
After using this razor i asked for another and went for a Bone scaled Wilkinson (of the Wilkinson sword company), this was £65 delivered.
I used these 2 along with other professionally honed razors to gauge my own edges against as i was learning. I now have new razors to play with and far too many so the Straight collection has to reduce.
BillyJi1 (1).JPG BillyJi1 (2).JPG BillyJi1 (3).JPG BillyJi1 (4).JPG BillyJi1 (5).JPG
Looking for £30 each or £55 for both Posted to UK address,
Paypal (Fee not included) or Bank Transfer
If you think my price is out PM me and we can discuss.
Thanks for looking
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Hi Tony,
I like the idea of comparing the edges, as I am about to embark on the honing rabbit hole myself,
Do any of these still have his edge on it or have they been lost with stropping etc?
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