2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is it?
2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that can prove a person trying to log in to an online account is who they say they are.

How does it work?
After entering your username and password, you are prompted for a second piece of information. This could be in the form of:
  • Answer a secret question
  • A number from something in your possession like a credit card
  • A number from an authentication device like a bank token generator or mobile phone app
Can I enable it on TSR?
Yes, it is straightforward.
Click on your username on the top menu bar and select Password and Security


Click Change


Enter your password and click Confirm


I recommend using the Verification code via app option. You can use either Authy or Google Authenticator.


Scan the QR code within the app or enter the secret number. This will generate a verification code in the app which you then type into the box and click Confirm


A list of backup codes will be displayed, these are used if you are unable to access your account using the authentication app so please make a backup of them.

After enabling 2FA, you will be prompted for a code when you log in. There is an option to trust each device for 30 days, meaning you will not be prompted for the 2FA login on that device for another 30 days.
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