1. michaelg

    Shaving around beard

    Hey there! Been DE/SE shaving for about 9 years now and I'd say I have my technique pretty much down now and don't have a bloodbath unless I do anything silly like use Feather blades or go for 9 passes after a quadruple espresso or something like that! But every so often I grow a beard (this...
  2. Michael cushion

    Cutting into a beard

    had my first de shave tonight and it feels really nice when i got used too the angle. However as i have a beard i found cutting into it very difficult as i couldnt see the lines due to the blade guard. Especially troublesome around the nose/upper lip area. Anyone have any advice? Thankyou Michael
  3. Agent Shave

    Report from Uncle: Website Launch 25.11.16-launch codes initiating!!!!

    This is Agent L. Report from Uncle: TSR member launch codes being initiated. Website release date 25TH NOVEMBER 2016. Agents have been on mission & infiltrated the BEST shaving brands to bring to you!!!! Website is LIVE next Friday, what do you want to see???? Who are the best brands??? We...
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