Zinio Mag App

Bideford, North Devon
Anyone use the Zinio mag app on the Ipad ?

I use it for a couple of mags. Are you aware that if you go through a browser to the USA part of their business you can buy magazines far cheaper? Obviously the ads are American, but that's not a problem. For example a whole year of Outdoor Photography for just over £6. National Geographical Mag is something like £8 and it's an interactive version.
Just downloaded it. Write up said it had free daily articles from the selection. I didn't find that. It only tried to sell me magazines!!!
Deleted it.
I've used it for about 2 years now first on PC and now on my ipad. I like it. I travel a lot so I converted all my paper subs to Zinio subs so I can carry them all around and read in airports and on planes/taxis. All very painless and inexpensive. What's not to like (if you read magazines)?
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