YaQi 24mm 'Tuxedo' Synthetic

My 24mm Yaqi finally arrived yesterday after I’d given it up for lost (a26mm ordered the same day arrived about 3 weeks ago and this one was lost in the Post Office cave somewhere?)

A much lower glue knot than the 26mm and the difference in splay is huge. I tried it on a puck f DR Harris last night and it performed reasonably? The 26mm is fantastic on OSP soap so I’ll try it On that next
West Sussex, UK

The new Yaqi's look good, in particular the top two and the one in the middle which I presume are synths - the colour of the knots looks very aesthetically pleasing. The urge to purchase more Yaqi brushes seems strong, even though I absolutely no need for any more!
Agreed :D

Yaqi is calling it the 'Mu' knot, from what I've read its the same fibres as a tux just with a more natural colour scheme that emulates a 2-band badger knot aesthetically. I think they've nailed it, synthetic knots are usually so ugly compared to their natural hair counterparts but these looks great.
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