YaQi 24mm 'Tuxedo' Synthetic

Well, I have to say that after complaining about the really really short loft on my Sagrada Familia model, they prompted to send me a new one, with the mysterious space handle. It's on the way now.

I was indeed treated very nicely through all the conversation. So, if you receive one of those unusable, just send them a message, I'm sure they'll work something out.

One more thing, anyone tried to steam out of the handle one of these Yaqi tuxedos? Anyone knows if the knot tear apart with heat?
I've purposely avoided shorter loft YaQi brushes due to the possibility of the glue bump making them unusable

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2 of the brushes had the exact same loft height, knot width - same size handle, but the first one I bought had no problems with the glue bump, the other had a large glue bump.

To their credit, Yaqi did resolve the issue with a replacement brush which has no issue with glue bump, a MYSTERIOUS SPACE (or sparkly blue) Fan Tuxedo which is very nice indeed.
After reading this thread I ordered a 24mm brush which hasn’t arrived yet

However a 26mm version ordered a few minutes later when I was browsing :rolleyes: :p Popped through the door today. What a brush!!! Superb shave with OSP Sandlewood tonight
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