YaQi 24mm 'Tuxedo' Synthetic

Tuesday May 1, 2012
West Norfolk. UK
Indeed, I've just read a post from AP on reddit: the white fibres are thinner than the bicolour fibres of the Tuxedo, thus are they more flexible.

However, there are strong suspicions (correct me if I am wrong) all Tuxedo knots sold by AP Shave Co, Wolf Whiskers, Envy Shave and Maggard are made by Yaqi (and are the same? beside shape and packing).
No I suspect you are quite correct, the huge difficulty is that we are never truly comparing like with like and the big variable we are only able to estimate is fibre density.

Wednesday September 17, 2014
There are some really nice pieces on the Alibaba website, but they are for wholesale. I already contacted Yaqi to enquire whether it was possible to get a brush (Guiness handle) for instance, but they definitely are not for retail.
Wednesday December 30, 2015
I contacted Ace Shaving and Virginia Sheng in spring this year but they had no immediate plans to upgrade their offerings with Tuxedo and other new synthetic knots.
Thursday April 2, 2015

Many thanks for the comprehensive and informative review, it has saved me ordering one, they are without doubt a great brush and super value, but for me personally the Muhle brushes are a bit too stiff so if this has more backbone it would not be my first choice in brushes. It is good to get a dispassionate review full of facts and not meaningless superlatives.

Personally I now believe that tip softness is no longer worth worrying about in the latest generation of synthetic brushes as they are all soft, some are very soft others are super soft and some are ridiculously soft! I now believe as your review has highlighted it is all about how much flex, splay, backbone, stiffness (or what ever other term you wish to use) that the knots have.

Thanks. I don't do the fanboy dribble drivel routine, even with products I rate highly. There are potential drawbacks with every product out there for some, even if not me.

I agree totally about tip softness being largely moot now. It's a bit like comparing the difference between being hit over the head with a baseball bat or a cricket bat. It damned well hurts in both instances. Backbone and the factors influencing it, fibre thickness, loft and density, are still far more variable.
Friday April 14, 2017
Amber Valley. East Midlands
I have been using one of these exclusively for the last week: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Men-s-Shaving-Brush-with-Resin-Handle-Synthetic-Hair/2986023_32817162394.html

A few key stats...

Handle Material: Resin
Handle Diameter: 38mm
Handle Height: 53mm
Knot Diameter: 24mm
Effective Loft: 55mm
Knot Type: 'Tuxedo' Synthetic
Weight: 90g
Cost: 11.02 GBP including postage (as at 19/08/17)
Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Ergonomics: Sits very comfortably in the hand

Water Retention: The first synthetic I've used which doesn't dribble surplus water, in fact you need to load less water because of this

Backbone: More than Muhle or Ubersoft and certainly more than a Plissoft. On a par with the Razorock 400. Only Zenith synthetics have more in my experience

Softness: As soft as a Plissoft

This brush is advertised as a Tuxedo. It looks like a Tuxedo and I strongly suspect it is (remembering loft and density can cause all sorts of variations on the same fibre). The point is largely moot however as in a nutshell it's a fine brush. In particular it's softness and water retention properties. The only possible negative for some is the backbone which is at the higher end of the scale. In short my current favourite brush.

In action with Portland Shave Soap

I have the same brush
It's amazing how cheap they are.
I'm looking forward to using mine for my evening shave today
Monday May 1, 2017
I used the 'standard' plisson style 24mm knot Yaqi brush today for the first time. There's no chance I can fully gauge a brush upon it's first use but it seems to have the following properties; good backbone, splays easily, soft tips and decent water retention.
Monday August 31, 2015
If you're talking about the butterscotch/yellowish Tuxedo: knot is 24mm, loft 60mm. These are the measurements given by Yaqi (they are further down in the page), but you can definitely add 2-3mm to the diameter.


Thanks, Msr. I thought the handle would be smaller based on the website photos. Very nice looking handle however. I would order one if I didn't have a custom yellow "beehive" handle brush coming with a fan shape Tuxedo knot.

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Saturday July 16, 2016
Ordered this and it was delivered six days later, impressive and certainly faster delivery than my purchases from the States or Canada. It is a 24mm knot, loft is only 45mm, but the glue bump is high at 20mm leaving a free loft of 25mm. It is not described as a 'tuxedo style knot' on Yaqi's website as some of their other black & white synthetics are. Picture is just after a shampoo and test lather...it will be in use this week .
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