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Tuesday August 29, 2017
Ok, so I have very little understanding of fragrance notes. I'm more like "I like this one. I don't like that one" kinda guy. But I know there's a few people here who do

I'm looking for some suggestions for Autumn/Winter fragrances. I tried a few at random today with my wife there. Aqua do Geo Profumo was a hit with both of us. I liked Mugler Pure Malt, and her verdict was "it's ok".

Pasco Rabanne Pure XS was a no. As was D&G The One, although I think she was getting grumpy at that point. She's said she thought that was ok before too.

So I guess my question is this;

1. Is Aqua Di Geo even something people would wear in cold weather?
2. Can anyone suggest anything else I should try because of what I already say I like??

Thanks :D
Monday July 30, 2018
Thanks! I will look them up now!
There's also YSL La Nuit De L'Homme which most people find pleasing, but the problem with it is now that the fragrance doesn't last past 20 minutes after applying as they reformulated it cheaply over and over.

Another favourite of mine which can work all year round is Prada Luna Rossa Sport.

These are all just ones I wear and like - you absolutely must check them out for yourself, in store or purchasing samples online. Don't risk your money blind-buying.
Monday February 27, 2017
See if Sid james is selling any decants? I have purchased many from him and now I have a lovely selection of Louis Vuitton, XerJoff & ADP, colognes "Au Hasard" "ADP Appsolute - Ambra" and Xerjoff "Zefiro - Renaissance & More than words" fragrances in 5/ 10 ml bottles. :):):)
Sunday September 24, 2017
As a general rule, fresh scents (aquatics, citrus based) are worn on warm weather, spicy, oriental scent are for cold weather. Aqua di Gio is a summer perfume, for winter try Armani Code Profumo from the same house. Whenever possible, test before buying.
Browse to read about the scents your're interested in and to discover others.
Saturday September 5, 2015
Most of the stuff I like is leathery woody (usually regarded as cold weather fragrances) so seasons don't really come into it for me.

Some of the smokier Andy Tauer fragrances are very wintery though. And anything with Immortelle gets a big thumbs up from me.

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