Will a shavette give a closer shave than a DE razor?

How close a shave will a shavette razor achieve compared to a DE razor? I'm probably a bit prone to obsession but wanted a really close shave that left me BBS for at least 12 hours - seen some youtube videos of shavettes but am unclear whether getting a shavette will in any way improve the shaving end product. Your opinions, views, and thoughts are required and welcome . Thanks.
Might be different for everyone. I can get a very close shave with a shavette, straight or DE/SE but once all stubble is gone your done no matter the tool you've used. A lot depends on the rate your hair grows. For me personally BBS is not that important, after a hour it's gone anyway.
No I don't think it will be closer, different shave/experience yes but not closer. With a good shavette (feather AC) you will get a very good shave but I get a better closer shave from my Timeless .95 and the hawk v3 but I've still got two shavettes that I use when I feel like a change.
I feel like my face is derma planed with an AC type blade using an AC straight razor.
However if you do a 4 pass shave with any razor you will be completely smooth.
Don’t have either the SS or DX anymore but when I did my experience was an extremely close shave but what makes it superior to a DE is how quickly you can get BBS, having said that speed won’t be a thing if your just starting out. I found them to be very sharp almost too sharp think if I made an investment in the future it would be for a straight razor just think the shavettes tend to bite. Would pick a DE over a shavette though for ease of use and a consistently smooth shave
Shavette is a lot harder to use than a straight. The chances of a cut are, well, a certainty. BBS 12 hours later! I'd think that impossible unless you're about 8yrs old. After an hour or so, that sandpaper feel returns.
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I definitely get closer with my Feather SS Artist Club than a DE. I find it is a lot more manoeuvrable too, especially under my nostrils. 2 passes and I'm very close to BBS and that's good enough for me most days.
I agree 100%
I actually rotate between AC SE's ( Brass General ), my Feather DX and my vintage Schick with chick blades.
All give me a great shave, much better than any DE !
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