Wilkinson Sword Blades - Codes and Designs

I’m 100% certain that is not blood from a cut. In my opinion it is body corrosion & was often a big problem when producing blades in high humidity seasons. Sometimes in high humidity periods the blade was passivated (Phospate) to help reduce body corrosion.

Humidity in production areas is greatly reduced when the working environment is being conditioned. Planning would ensure that large orders were covered in Pre & Post Humidty season.

In addition the finished Blades are dipped in an Afterspray oil to help keep body corrosion at bay. Finally the inner wrapper or only wrapper for single wrapped blades contains sodium benzoate to help reduce corrosion.
Interesting information there, thanks for posting that. I don't think that was a production issue with these particular blades as there were tiny bits of mould fluff/spores on the card insert. I think they were therefore exposed to moist conditions at some point in their life, the cellophane wrapper isn't airtight.

The only blades affected were the ones at the front of the pack and the rear (if affected at all), so it goes to show that the sodium benzoate impregnated wrapper certainly did the track. The un-affected blades in the pack are superb!
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