Wife, 3 daughters and 2 dogs!

Hello all,
thought I'd share my journey to using cut throat razors.
It all started about 2 years ago when I realised that I was beginning to look more and more like a scarecrow.
Started shaving with my dad's old DE and moved to Mach 2 cartridges in later life.
Mostly clean shaven, except for weekends, up until my daughters reached puberty!!!
It took me 18 months to realise the reason for looking so unkempt and it was all down to the kids and dogs.

As you may have guessed the girls were using my razors to shave all their bits and pieces. Thus leading to all sorts of unnecessary flotsam and jetsam lodged in the blades. My razors were generally being left in their showers and were rusting so by the time I'd tracked them down they were looking like a breading ground for Ebola and as much use as a stick of liquorish.

I won't go into my parenting skills but you try castigating a herd of teenage girls for using my razors.

Not the end of the world but bloody expensive in replacement cartridges.

Enter the dogs.

Due to the girls leaving MY razors on their shower floors the dogs would sniff around for something to chew. And, yes, you've guessed it. My razors, blades and all would be chewed to bits.

I was now having to buy not only vast amounts of blades but also the razors themselves.

Epiphany. Cut throat razors. They would never use them and it would save me a fortune in replacement cartridges.

So, 6 months ago I bought myself a very very cheap Wilkinson Sword straight. The one that you snap the blade in half and clip it in.

I won't bore you with the trials and tribulations of switching to straight shaving, as you've all been through it, but it has worked. I'm now clean shaven every day, the dogs don't bleed from the mouth and the girls are looking very "natural".

Since the cheap WS I invested in an equally cheap 'vintage' Joseph Elliot to practice honing, stropping and the feel.

All is well and I have now commissioned Ed Brice for my first (probably of many), proper blade.

I still have many questions to ask and experiences to share but I'll report back on the Ed Brice next week.
I must say I got sick of paying ridiculous amounts for Gillette blades, got a shavette and cut my face to ribbons the first few shaves or so. That was also a couple years ago. Now a days I collect straight blades and restore them.

By biggest issue was finding something that felt as sharp as a shavette and then explored different grounds. I now use a hollow grind or extra hollow grind which is perfect for me.

My latest buy is an ERN Sword & Crown Extra Hollow and my first ERN was an Eagle & Snake and highly recommend ERN as being top notch blades. Deffo try them out once you get used to honing, it’s actually fairly simple tbh.

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