Wickham Shaving Soap Classic 24

After the good experience with the other Wickham Shaving Soaps I purchased recently, I thought I would try out some of their others.

From what I have seen online, this supposedly smells like the very expensive Creed Aventus eau da parfum. The slickness of the soap is exceptional and leaves my face irritation free (unlike other soaps I'd used). The large tubs that Wickham use for their soaps means its very easy to load your shaving brush (I have a Razorock Big Bruce and also Simpson Chubby 2 which are both large brushes) and I have plenty of room in the tub to load my brush.

I bowl lather with this and I get consistently exceptional shaves with this. The last few shaves I've had (which were with Wickham soaps) have been by a large margin, the most comfortable shaves and also post shave to that I have ever had.

Well done @Fox (Darron) and all the team for the outstanding products you all make. An example of British Artisan products at their very best.

Personally for me now, I have now found the perfect soap that works for me, in slickness, performance, and post shave feel, and in light of that, I will be using Wickham soaps from here-on.

Some lathering I done with the first Wickham soap I got a few weeks ago (needless to say that both the Classic 24 & Club Cola lather exactly the same):

Talster, how strong are the scents, and what scents have you tried.Thanks.
I've tried Parma violet, Classic 24, Club Cola, here's how I would rate the scent strength on a scale of 1 to 10:

Parma violet, smelling the tub 5, once lathered 6.
Classic 24, smelling the tub 5, once lathered 6.
Club Cola, smelling the tub 6, once lather 7/7.5.

The are definitely not as heavily scented as the mass produced big named soaps, and personally that doesn't really bother me, as sometimes the ingredients that make up the very heavy scent, can sometimes cause skin problems with some people.
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