Why (for me) wilkinson/schick cartridges are better than gillette's.

Disclaimer: i'm an ex engineer so maybe i just like to overcomplicate things.
But after a few research and objective examination i reached this conclusion. The wilkinson (in europe schick is called wilkinson sword) blades are better engineered than gillette's.
I now will try to explain why. After some observation and dissecting two used cartridges (hydro and fusion) i notice that:
- Gillette use a simple pin pivot just behind the razor head, Schick/Wilkinson pivot using a semicircular track which puts the pivot point somewhere about the surface of the skin. This latter mechanism should be better because the head is more free to follow the face’s profiles.
- The individual blades on the Fusions are mounted on springs, so move up way from the cutting zone when subject to any pressure. When you consider that these blades have nearly zero exposure and are buried within a plastic cartridge maybe that this could be counterproductive, it could work towards preventing the blades from actually giving a very close shave. Schick/Wilkinson Sword on the other hand mount their blades rigidly so they are closer to the skin.
So then Schick/Wilkinson Sword seem to have technological superiority in two very key areas. All in my humble opinion, of course.
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