Where does the money actually go in your hobby?

Where does the money actually go in your shaving life?
- razors
- blades
- brushes
- soaps and creams
- AS and scents
- other....

In my case I have spent about 10 times more on artisan soaps than on razors. I could have bought a titanium razor for what I've spent!

So I'd be interested to know - where does the money actually go? And is it where you think it goes?
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I have spent far more on razors than anything else. Not megabucks mind... I have two Aristocrats and a couple of straights I paid quite a bit for. One more expensive than the other.

Brush wise I've spent hardly anything, and soaps not much more.

(P.S. what actually qualifies as hardly anything?)
depends where you are are on your journey - for me, at the beginning it was razors and soaps, then I begin to stockpile blades - soon brushed begin to attract my attention, then edts :)

I've spent the most on razors though especially on the asd2

i have enough of everything so its just soaps now - i've exhausted the desire for new hardware
Straight razors & to a lesser extent brushes

Every straight is as individual as the makers signature, love trying new grinds, different steels from different countries.

I have spent some money on a couple of Shavemac & recently a Paladin brush, worth every penny IMO, I do enjoy them.
I used to have a vintage DE addiction which proved quite expensive for a time.

I also went through a brush buying phase (Simpsons, Morris and Forndran).

I stockpiled so many blades and so much soap that I haven't actually bought anything shaving related for over two years!

I will probably run out of soaps in about six months and am quite looking forward to having an excuse to buy something new.


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I don't really buy much these days,my only spend goes on software for here really :D
Saying that I did get a nice tuxedo Yaqi sent to me in Japan as I forgot to take a brush. I guess stockpiling a lot at the start helps later! I do wish I had bought a lot mor Kai blades back in the day. Anyone got a decent supplier?
Almost a year in, my money has been quite spread out across everything, I don’t feel the urge to buy loads of one particular thing. I don’t mind some rotation for variety but don’t feel the need to have so much stuff that it’s 2 months before getting to a certain brush in my rotation, for example. Before long I might add in one more brush and one more cream, but I don’t plan on going berserk buying stuff
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Razors, initially ... then brushes ... then soaps.

My collection is more a collection for the sake of completion than for shaving. I became fascinated with the 1912 and collected every variant I could find and although I have used them all, would only reach for one of maybe 5 or 6 that would be used regularly. That collection spreads to maybe 150 razors. I have a pretty complete collection of Gillette Tech variants, although nowhere near all sets. That would account for probably another 50 razors. So, if we estimate £15 per razor, there's maybe £3000 in razors!

Brushes and soaps are nowhere near as obsessive :)
Smellies, by a country mile, but this is something I've been 'into' since getting my first bottles of Kouros, Antaeus and Aramis 900 back in the very early 80s.

I still browse Basenotes and Fragrantica to see what's new and then go to First in Fragrance to get samples. Some of the ones I've tried have been £10 per ml.

If money was no object, I'd easily blow £20k on stuff that's tickled my fancy down the years without blinking.

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