When was the last time you had a barbershop shave?

I had never had one before but was curious so popped in to my local Turksh barber. Was a great job: £13 but he really took his time, steam, massage, mini hair style and a hot towel. It’s not somethingI would do regularly as too expensive but was a nice experience.
Yes really good; I have them regularly in India. They really take their time and they use a very light touch, but it costs around 50p for a shave and another 50p for a haircut. Locally they charge £15 for a shave and another £15 for a headshave. A lot to pay when you need another one the next day.
It was a few months ago and it cost my local Turkish barber my custom

The owner assured me the young man who would shave my head and trim, shape and tidy my beard was someone he trusted completely

After an hour I still have patches of stubble on my head, several cuts that required the application of the stypic pencil and an uneven neck line

It was a disaster
On the plus side by not attending regularly I have saved money*
*spent more on wet shaving gear
arthur101980; another examp;le of the old hand skills in decline. Usually Turkish barbers are okay. You would have thought the owner, hopefully a more experienced hand, would have stepped in to save the day. It certainly did not seem a case of rushing it!
just north of Denver

There's probably still a Truefitt and Hill store located downtown Chicago in the 900 N. Michigan building that offers shaves and a haircut and other services, along with a nice selection of shaving crap from lots of well known companies. Sadly, years ago, not even injector type shaves were offered. Barbers were only using a Mach3, which put me off.

Parking around there is normally expensive in the private lots, even for a couple of hours. There's a few meters that are much cheaper but hard to nab. However, that store opened on Sunday at 7am, so no problem finding a spot then.

2013 for a wedding. Best thing that ever happened in my shaving world.

I went away and said 'I can do this' and welcomed proper shaving in to my life. Saved the cost of paying someone to do it all for me and replaced by spending a hundred fold on shaving gear.

On second thoughts possibly the worse thing that happened in my shaving world.
About a year and a half ago at Sultan Barber, Fermoy, County Cork. Hot towels and all the rest of it. Busy shop, great service and a very, very close shave.
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