What's you favourite slant ?

The Maggard Slant has a good reputation , I haven't tried one personally , many say it is more efficient than the X3 or 37c but most reviews of it are positive.
Will give it another go then now I have a few more shaves under my belt. Found that blade alignment was very hit and miss, but if it's a cheap way to try one out (free in fact as I already have it), I'll stick with it.
Silly Suffolk
I like the Ikon 102, but I also have the original Ikon silver s/s slant (no idea what the model number is). This is the one where the blade posts are undersized, thus making blade loading and alignment a challenge. However, with practice I can usually get it right first time, and it shaves very well.

The ATT is another favourite, and I have both S1 and S2 plates; of which the S1 seems to work better for me.
I have couple of slants. My favourites are the Fasan Double Slant and Razorock Stealth Slant. They so different but the shaves are magnificent.
The Fasan Slant scared the Bajeezus out of me. Had to to sell it before I needed a blood transfusion.

Great form factor - but I could not use it enjoyably.
The Razorock German 37. Cheaper than the Merkur and a 3 piece, so you can change your handle to suit if you wish.
I use it for head shaving and so far have used Nacet, Voskhod and Personna Med Prep blades for 2 or 3 pass shaves with fantastic results.
I got it with the Bulldog handle for £19.99 from The Shaving Station.
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