What's you favourite slant ?

The Maggard Slant has a good reputation , I haven't tried one personally , many say it is more efficient than the X3 or 37c but most reviews of it are positive.
Will give it another go then now I have a few more shaves under my belt. Found that blade alignment was very hit and miss, but if it's a cheap way to try one out (free in fact as I already have it), I'll stick with it.
Silly Suffolk
I like the Ikon 102, but I also have the original Ikon silver s/s slant (no idea what the model number is). This is the one where the blade posts are undersized, thus making blade loading and alignment a challenge. However, with practice I can usually get it right first time, and it shaves very well.

The ATT is another favourite, and I have both S1 and S2 plates; of which the S1 seems to work better for me.
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