What weight DE handle? Settle on one weight or rotate?

As title - do you experiment and find your ideal weight, or do you have a few different weights in rotation?

With light and heavy, do you use different techniques, like resting a heavy handle on the little finger, or holding a light handle up near the head?

Do you find you need to have close to your "ideal" weight - and what would that be for you? Or are you able to accomodate rotating?
The iKon OC I'm mainly using right now has the iKon OSS stainless handle on, which can be bought separately. Its inbetween an ATT Kronos and Colossus in both length (95mm) and weight (80g). Since trying a heavier handle, I've really got used to it. In fact if I decide to pick up the DE89 one day, I'd be likely to put the iKon handle on as I prefer it. I can't say I've noticed how I hold it, but I did have a loan of an ATT Colossus handle, and I did tend to rest my little finger on the end of it
Rather than seeking an ideal, I value the variety of hardware and software in my shaving routine. I have 19 DE razor handles, some stainless steel and others titanium, short and long, narrow and broad, knurled and smooth, polished and satin and colored, and I use a different one each day with my Wolfman, Paradigm, Feather, Weber, and RazoRock heads. Each combination has its own unique weight and balance and hand feel, as well as its own shaving characteristics with soap or cream. I love having a new experience with them each and every day.