What Watch Are You Wearing Today?

Cumbria, England
It has nothing to do with the watch itself, but everything to do with the company and brand, Shinola. Just saying, not judging. I haven't owned one myself, but from what the great great interwebs tells, i basically boils down to false marketing and a pricing that's ridiculous compared to what you get compared to other brands.

I quite like the one you got there - it's a design favourite of mine.

Not going to disagree with any of that. At the end of the day it’s down to what the buyer likes but personally I like watches to come from watch companies. Shinola is a brand name from the past that someone bought in order to tap into nostalgia and further the illusion of heritage. They also really over charge for what you get.
I just bought this new Swatch on sale for a tad over $40 U.S. I have owned Swatch watches since 1988 and no other quartz watch under $1,500 even comes close to their accuracy. I feel like I am gaming the system as for a paltry sum I am getting HAQ precision!! Seriously, I have a Swatch I bought in Aug. 2014 that I check with atomic time ( https://www.time.gov/ ) every two weeks and my watch will be at most ONE SECOND fast in a month!! Unbelievable!! So far this new one seems to be as accurate (knock on wood):

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