What Watch Are You Wearing Today?

Monday August 31, 2015
Ooh, that’s harsh! ;)
I have no issues with automatic watch owners accepting the fact that their watches are less accurate than a $5 corner store quartz digital. After all, I understand their love of craftsmanship and Inspector Gadget fetish for doohickies. As for me, I like accuracy and if I had the money I would buy a Longines Conquest V.H.P. that has taken quartz accuracy to FIVE SECONDS PER YEAR!! :eek:

Tuesday May 22, 2012
Cumbria, England
That is impressively accurate. I’ve not timed it properly but I seem to get about 4 seconds a month with my Scurfa which is good enough for me. I do like the idea of a G-Shock multi band for the accuracy and indestructiblity but they’re all enormous and have bespoke strap fittings.
Wednesday October 22, 2014
Filson Dutch Harbour. Made by Shinola. I don’t know why Shinola get such stick on the watch forums, yes it’s quartz and a bit pricey considering that fact, but it’s beautifully matchined and finished
It has nothing to do with the watch itself, but everything to do with the company and brand, Shinola. Just saying, not judging. I haven't owned one myself, but from what the great great interwebs tells, i basically boils down to false marketing and a pricing that's ridiculous compared to what you get compared to other brands.

I quite like the one you got there - it's a design favourite of mine.

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