What Watch Are You Wearing Today?

OK, as the Post Your Watches thread has revealed quite a number of enthusiastic watch owners, how about a WRUW thread to show off today's, and every day's, wrist wear?

Two for me today.

My G-Shock for picking up and inevitably messing about with the Mrs' new motorbike:

Then, once all the hands-on stuff is done it'll be back to my usual weekend watch, the Speedmaster (Moonwatch):

What are you wearing today?



Tells the time, doesn't need a battery and ain't too fancy or expensive - job done. Has a different strap nowadays which is a plain black leather one from Vintage Watch Straps as the original wore out after around 18 months. Just can't afford some of the stunners on here or THAT thread. So far, I like OSport's Omega the best.


Dear Orangesport,

Please refrain from posting vivid and incredibly tempting pictures of your beautiful watches and inviting others to do so. I am still trying to cope with my husband's addiction to brogues and other such expensive, English-made footwear. It would seem that I can trace said shoe obsession back to you and your lovely Loake brogue collection. I want a new kitchen and that fat bugger is getting no more!

Yours cordially,
Mrs Gairdner (SWAMBO)

P.S. in case you are wondering, the 'A' stands for 'Absolutely'.....:icon_twisted: