What post shave balm do you use?

Bart’s Balm. [emoji1362]

Look at his website [emoji1303]

The tins let you try a lot of scents before you buy a larger bottle. A little goes a long way and the performance is 1st class. Lots of members use them (lots don’t too) but the balms and aftershaves are outstanding.

Other balms I use are Proraso - green, white and grey/blue. These are good too.

I also occasionally use Boots Freshwood which is a good scent for this cold weather.

Nivea too - sensitive aftershave balm and 2 Phase. The 2 Phase gives a really slick finish.

Lots out there....YMMV.

I've got 1 and a bit bottles of Nivea Sensitive and a bottle of Proraso White. I didn't really need the Proraso but went to Carlo Anichini in London and felt like I should support them in some way.
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