What made your day a good one

Visiting my father after a month spell in hospital and finding out that after suffering a 10" fracture in his hip (which they originally missed!) he is recovering well at home. When asked by the social will your father be able to cook? All I could say is 'That man will never starve'.......glad to say 'he isn't' . He is still a pain in the ass, but be it so
Finding out that Daisy's knee is healing ferociously well/quickly. At the same point of healing as expected in 12 weeks, within 6. Let's hope the other knee follows suit when the time comes!

Putting our name down for another little puppy, from Daisy's groomer('s dog)! Cavachon, 8 weeks old yesterday but we'll be having her on weekends for the next couple of weeks to integrate her into the household. She gets on so well with Daisy! Undecided on a name... photos to come soon.