What made your day a good one

Yesterday I was helping a student, he was getting frustrated and a little on edge, swearing and threatening to walk out. Managed to talk him through and get the task completed. At the end of session I asked him how he felt about what he had achieved and he said great, brilliant and pleased.

Today ? Asked if I could lecture in another subject, so looks like I lecturer in three subjects now as well as providing learner support.

Not a bad week, love my job !
Got burgled on Friday. They made a mess searching but so far don't seem to have taken anything, PC was on at the BIOS password, Kindle still on the table, passport on the bed but nowt gone! (I think)

Also they found the PE kit my eldest had lost thus saving me £80+ replacing it all, no idea where they found it. It was sitting on top of the pile of stuff they'd emptied out in the living room. Cheers lads!
They are well respected and great guitars especially those made in Japan. The latter Korean Tokais are still good bits of kit but their values are considerably lesser.

You may well be able to top up your demi quickly if you were to sell.
Thanks for the reply. It needs a little luthier work before I can sell it. Nothing major, it needs a new nut as it is missing and also the bridge bit that fits on the pegs and holds the strings then new strings and a tune up. Shouldn't cost too much hopefully and then I will sell it and send him the money on.
Mini humbuckers. May be not full on with the gain levels but nothing the amp can't make up. Still that big bodied tone

I thought my long term Tokai LP gave me all I needed.......then stupidly picked this guitar up and thought 'shit'.
I love the mini humbucker Les Paul tone (Townshend used them for much of the seventies). Enjoy that guitar.