What is (was) your best razor - actually providing your best shave?

Geneva, Switzerland
Dear fellows and members,
have been searching my graal for a long time... did try Straight vintage blades, new forged blades, Western and japanese, modern stainless DE razors from cheapest to insanely expensive ones, to vintage ones, all shapes and brands...
My favorite shave has been with the Gillette Fat Handle Tech, english one preferred. I do know it is personal... paired with Feather Platinum DE blades from Japan, I will stick with the model and stay happy forever... And you?;)
I would like to say one of my Aristocrats. I have both a #15 and a #66.

The shaves I've had recently from my New Deluxe are excellent.

I can get a pretty good shave with more or less every DE I use. And I'm not bothered what blade goes in them
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
In the DE world, it's the Star tech clone from the '50s onwards. I find this razor holds the blade very close to the edge of the blade, which does two things: first, keeps it more rigid than other such razors; second, gives the apparency of a mild razor when actually it's the angle that is very slim. Get it right and it's perfect. Slightly wrong and it'll just feel mild.
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