What in your opinion are the qualities of an excellent razor and do they exist?

The qualities I'd look for a) able to deliver a smooth trouble free shave with each shave b) easy to learn how to use and c) not so expensive as to be out of reach for most folks. Ive not yet found the perfect razor.
For those of you saying that the AS-D2 is the bomb, I need some advice.

I am contemplating a new razor and am trying to decide between the AS-D2 and the Timeless 0.68 safety bar.
Any comments?
Sorry can’t comment on the timeless never tried one what I can say is the AS-D2 is the first razor I ever bought and I splashed out as I didn’t want to buy an alternative and then end up spending more buying both since then I’ve had some really nice razors but sold every one of them. Nothing compares its the only razor I own now and I knew right from the first shave I’d picked a winner
An "excellent" razor is so obscure that only one is known and I have it therefore I could profess to be the World's foremost authority on it!! I would refuse six digit offers for it and men would make pilgrimages just to glimpse it!!! :eek:

I've had many high-end razor's and moved them on the only DE razor I have and the best I've had is the Timeless .95sb a perfect razor the smoothest closest shave I've had from a DE hands down.
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