What are you waiting on to arrive?

just north of Denver
NOS Gillette ‘61 G3 Gold Aristocrat adjustable in case
Hi there,

Whew doggies, thets a purty set up! I've noticed a few of your other recent vintage Gillette buys and may I ask if this one's to be used or displayed or whatever. If it's gonna get wet would you mind trying to explain the attraction of shaving with any NOS razor that can be duplicated with other similar model ones in great shape. The Slim in this case, and I believe an Aristo recently acquired (another wonderful shaver). Not meaning anything confrontational here at all, ok?

Not to encourage you in any way by mentioning an Asian seller who has some crazy shaving stuff for sale, but I do have one item on my watch list just for the heck of it. No possible way I'd pay the asking and to me no need for NOS......thankfully. I do know there's a market for new razors but it's a dodged bullet for me.

Anyway, I have had ZERO dealings with the ebay seller alphabetsoup2013 so not a referral at all. Just a place that's a fun look every now and then for me. Hope posting that link is ok with forum rules and if not please delete it..

If there's other Gillettes (not NOS) in particular there's a hankerin for send me some info. I have a few laying around. Otherwise I'll wait for the next arsenal addition,

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