What are you waiting on to arrive?

My 2020 buying hiatus starts tomorrow. Just in case there's a bladepocalypse during that period, I thought I best add the following to the den:

100 Czech Tiger Platinum
100 Gillette Platinum
100 Gillette Silver Blue
100 Treet Platinum
100 Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum (Black)
100 Shark Platinum
50 Gillette Winner
50 Gillette Perma-Sharp
50 Supermax Blue Diamond Titanium
40 Personna PTFE Injector
20 Schick B-20 Injector
30 Schick P-30 AC

Yes, I already have some of these blades in volume but I can sleep easy now!

Yea, that should keep you going till about june ish, need more for autumn and wintertime. I'm the same I have a shipload of blades as well need to live to 150 to have a chance of using them up. (y)
Scotland Near Glasgow
Been a good week for me with with my Hai Karate (Will post a thread in the aftershave section shorty with my thoughts on it) and now another impulse buy from eBay :whistle:.

Snagged some vintage Old Spice Fresh Lime shaving cream, not sure of the year, possibly 70s/80s. Again I'll post pictures when it comes.

Almost bought some 60s Palmolive too. There is a listing for Lime Palmolive shaving cream but I managed to resist the temptation. If anyone is in contact with PaulH on YouTube I bet he would be interested. It would be a brilliant thing for him to do a video on.
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