What are you waiting on to arrive?

Some people who have used these "new" Blue Box ones say that these are improved and even smoother/better. I aim to find out. ;)
Sounds good, after you try them, please tell us. I will order some. it's good to see that some of the DE blades get better, I was quite disappointed when I bought new Astra blades, as the new ones are not as smooth as the old ones(from my experience)
Some aftershaves ;)

Amando Noir 3x
Tabac Original 1x
Denim Original 3x
Brut 3x
Except for Tabac I didn't know the other ones were still sold. Tabac I can buy at a local shop, the rest only online. I ordered the Tabac also to get free shipping at the online store ;)
There's only 1 downside, now I need a bigger apartment :p:p