What are you waiting on to arrive?

Semogue 620 shave brush
‘Holy Grail of Shave creams’ Gentleman’s Face Care Club shave cream.
Not an overly expensive order but I am now trying to steer away from expensive and try out some of the cheaper brands to compare. That goes for both the brush and the cream.
Baili closed head (sides of the blades remain hidden) with dented closed comb.
QShave clone of Merkur Futur.
ZY 430+ straight razor.
Golden Dollar 209 straight razor.
Alum sticks.
ZY pure badger brush.
ZY horse brush with stand and bowl.
ZY nylon badger brush.
100 Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades.
Grooming Dept. soap (finally), Ariana & Evans Socal Hipster shave soap, Furbo Vintage Blu After Shave,
Yaqi Dandelion Green Cashmere
24mm brush, Wholly Kaw King of Bourbon Tallow shave soap & Ariana & Evans L'Orange Verte Aftershave (already have the soap). All in all, a nice little haul. I also received on Black Friday samples of the new Barrister & Mann soaps Vespers and Waves with their respective aftershaves. Waves is by far the best smelling of the two.
Perusing eBay & snagged a bargain from Shave Lounge: new ATT Colossus handle for £25. Normally sell at over £40. Seems to be last one but their main site has the Bamboo handle at same price. I’d guess these two are the least popular against the Kronos & Atlas. Great buy for a quality stainless handle. Used before during loan of iKon OC from @Satanfriendly before buying one of said razors so will be nice to pair it up again with the long handle.
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