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C. - you might find this of interest - I heard it on the World Service - but you can download via the BBC app - Apollo 13

Heavily based on interviews with the people involved - archive of the comms between the doomed lunar lander and mission control as the whole thing unfolds - the event lives on in our everyday speech - 'Houston - we've had a problem.'

This is series two - the first is about Apollo 11.

Again - an event written into our common vocabulary - 'Houston - Tranquility base here - the Eagle has landed.' Let's leave aside the whole 'one giant leap' thing - an appalling grammatical error - when 20% of the entire world population were watching - in fairness Armstrong probably had bigger concerns at the time than satisfying pedants.

Give it a listen - see what you think - it is worth noting that the smartphone next to me - or indeed the laptop I am typing on - have more computing power available to them - than any Apollo mission - makes it seem all the more remarkable.

Yours - I.
@Digimonkey Cheers Iain, I listened to 13 Minutes to the moon last year - loved it; wasn't aware of series 2 looking at the flight of Apollo 13 - one episode in and I am really enjoying it; the production seems to be more polished than series 1.

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