What are you listening to?

Rob, I’m gonna have to give this a bit more time. Massive Low fan but it really is so different from their other stuff. I love most of their albums but have a soft spot for the early, really minimalist stuff like the first 3 albums. It is Uncut magazine’s album of the year!

Hi Dave,
I’m pretty much the exact opposite to yourself. LOW have kind of passed me by. I heard a couple of tracks years ago and it wasn’t for me. I haven’t paid much attention to them since TBH.

From what I’ve read you’re not on your own with your impressions. It seems to have split fans down the middle.

The album kept popping up on those ‘best of 2018’ lists so I gave it a listen last week. It’s really got under my skin. I haven’t bought it yet. I’ve only been listening to it on YouTube so far.
My Hi-Fi set up is in a state of flux at the moment…well until the end of January. I’m keeping my deck but I’ve sold my CD player and amps. I’m buying streamer, something I’ve resisted for some time.