What are you eating tonight?


A wee field in Scotland
ok guys we already have the what are you drinking tonight thread going so I thought I would add this.
Doesn't have to be fancy and made from scratch, could just be a frozen pizza. Any and all is fine.

Talking of pizza, I have just finished a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and a garlic baguette, swished down with a glass of wine. Again, it is nothing fancy but it filled a massive and empty stomach. I am now happy and content :)
Have got a massaman curry and jasmine steamed rice out of the freezer for ron.

Just about to get stuck into some kippers, then a 'gym smoothie' of oats, milk and whey protein.
Last night I made jerk chicken wraps with char grilled veggies, to enjoy eating outside in the last of the sun. A good bottle of rich red wine and a Romeo y Julieta cigar finished the evening nicely.

Tonight I've defrosted some of the chilli that I made last week, and am baking some bread to make fresh garlic bread. I'll do garlic and herb mushrooms as a starter and finish with tiramisu. My mouth's watering as I type this!

@Northern Saint - real, actual mutton? I keep saying I'll try cooking mutton one day. Lamb's my favourite meat. Maybe I'll have a chat with the butcher next week...

joe mcclaine

daz said:
joe mcclaine said:
Packet of Beef Monster Munch, a Star Bar and a carton of Um Bongo.

Breakfast of Champions.
And here was me thinking you would be into the raw eggs in a pint of milk for breakfast
Nah, forget all that cobblers about Protein and what not.

It's Old School all the way, for make Strong! Like BULL!
Had a packet of Cheese & Onion Tayto crisps at lunch with some bread + butter. I bought a multipack back from the homeland. Love how the crisp brand seems to have been created to suit the Irish accent.

As for dinner... waiting for the Indian takeaway to arrive. Murghi Massala - The biggest chicken breast I've ever seen, stuffed with minced lamb. Good news.

I saw FoxyRick mentioned garlic bread. My other half makes her own but she uses about 3 cloves of garlic mixed with butter for one small baguette. It's incredible but so damn garlicy that it's actually spicy hot. Fortunately we both eat it so we can get away with it ;)
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